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I'm an articulate communicator by trade and by nature. I've become an expert at making thought leaders and innovators shine through clear, concise content that resonates with the heart and mind. 

In my professional and personal experience, most brilliant people are left brain thinkers. They think analytically, but don't know how to translate their thoughts and expertise into content that matters to people. I'm fortunate to have crafted content for many of these people in my career across multiple industries. 

I have a personal passion for working with people who help others and make a difference in the world around them. After all, my favourite quote is from Nelson Mandela, which I keep close by to remind me why I'm here - "A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special."     

I truly believe there are so many innovators and thought leaders out there who just need to find their voice. It's a complex, confusing world and people are looking for answers. We need you now more than ever.

Are you ready for others to hear you? Allow me to be your voice and pen.

~ Rachel 



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Girl Guides of Canada  



The Investment and Wealth Institute 

iTP Biomedica 

Magyar, Bogle & O'Hara LLP 

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Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan 

Sun Life Financial 



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North Amercian Fintech Brand



  • CFO-targeted eBook  
  • Related blog posts

In the client's words:"Rachel is amazing. DECOSTA worked with her on a C-Suite targeted content marketing project for a North American fintech brand. The initiative included client interviews, research, composition, creatives and video production. Her work exceeded expectation concerning subject matter depth and accuracy in hitting the target audience. Rachel presents exceptionally well, knows the right questions to ask (and is not afraid to ask them), and is gifted at translating others' complex subject matter expertise into materials that resonate and sell. Aside from this, she's fabulous to work with and my go-to voice when developing senior level content." 

- Richard Picart, Vice President, Business Development, DECOSTA Worldwide

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan



  • Internal Advertsising Campaign
  • Change Champions' Guide
  • CEO video content and speeches

In the Client's Words: "Rachel was an invaluable partner in the planning and execution of Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s first live, online employee chats. Her hard work, dedication, creativity and strategic input were key reasons the chats won two major communications awards in 2015 — a Silver Leaf Award of Excellence from the International Association of Business Communicators and the Canadian Internal Communications Campaign of the Year from the Canadian Public Relations Society." 

- Debra Hanna, Retired Director, Internal Communications, OTPP




  • Annual Report     

In the Client's Words: "Rachel is an excellent writer and communicator. More importantly, she serves as a strategic partner who is deeply committed to her client's success. Her expertise, energy and creativity make her an asset to any project."      

- Karen Danylak, VP Corporate Affairs and Corporate Secretary, OPTrust





  • Newsletters for HOOPP Members and Pensioners
  • News Releases Related to HOOPP's participation in the TOP TEN 
  • Intranet Content

In the Client's Words: "Rachel is a strong writer and was positive force on our communications team. She has an ability to connect easily with people and communicate technical info in a relatable way. She is always willing to move projects forward with energy and a 'can do' attitude!"

- Martha Varinsky, VP, HR & Communications 

"Rachel is a strong writer with excellent communication skills; I worked with her on pension communications, which involves making complex, technical subject matter clear, easy to understand, and more engaging for pension plan clients. She's a great team player and a pleasure to work with." 

- Martin Biefer, Retired Director of Public Relations, HOOPP




  • Corporate Key Messages
  • Stakeholder Relations Strategy
  • News Releases
  • Annual Report

In the Client's Words:"Rachel consulted to EQAO while I was Interim CEO, at a time of significant change and transformation. Rachel swiftly and easily developed positive relationships throughout our 100+ person organization to properly understand our mandate, how we compile our data and the value of EQAO data in improving student outcomes. She exercised creativity and out-of-the-box thinking in identifying new ways to broaden public awareness of EQAO and helped secure positive media coverage through identification and pursuit of new media opportunities. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, in every piece she crafted, from letters to concerned parents to key messaging documents, she ensured EQAO's brand as an organization vested in the academic success and wellbeing of every child in Ontario, was properly represented. I highly recommend Rachel." 

- Dr. Richard Jones, PhD, Retired Interim CEO and Former Chief Assessment Officer, EQAO

iTP Biomedica



  • Corporate Website
  • News Releases

In the Client's Words: "Rachel was brought into iTP to develop a marketing communications strategy and to execute on our corporate website. Ours is a complex start-up work environment where academia, the medical community, science and innovation intersect. It involves complex subject matter (diagnostic tools for cancer and other complex illnesses), which Rachel had no previous experience with. I was impressed with Rachel's drive and ability to translate complex subject matter material into understandable terms. Further, her research and relationship building capabilities are exceptional. In a start-up environment where budgets are limited, repurposing what already exists and building allegiances to help further your mandate is key. Rachel is adept at these functions. I would highly recommend Rachel when you need a change agent with solid research, strategy, writing and business development skills."

- Dr. Ken Hughes, PhD, CEO, iTP Biomedica 

One of Canada's Top Five Banks



  • Global EVP Level speeches
  • Town Hall Powerpoint Decks
  • Key Messages Documents

In the Client's Words: "Rachel is passionate about delivering communications that adhere to industry best practices. She is driven and strives for the highest of standards to ensure her clients successfully achieve their business objectives."


- Michelle Kneeshaw, ABC, Optimus SBR Communications Lead on the Project

Women in Payments



  • Marketing Strategy
  • Corporate Website

In the Client's Words: "Rachel was brought on to our project to develop and execute a marketing and communications strategy for a new market. She has been a nimble and responsive partner, in an environment that is constantly changing and often difficult to define. Her integrity, creativity, keen energy, and positive attitude have been a tremendous asset to our team."

- Kristy Duncan, Founder and CEO, Women in Payments

Magyar, Bogle & O'Hara



  • Team Brainstorming Session and Resulting Marketing and Business Development Strategy     

In the Client's Words: "Rachel's consulting work with my law firm was a real eye-opener. She digs deep, asks incisive questions, and draws out memories, experiences, and ideas that you realize actually form the basis of how you should be marketing yourself and what you should be striving for. She is a consummate professional, very likeable, positive, and fantastic to work with. No matter your organization's size, goals, budgets, or industry, Rachel will help you become better and think about your business in a way you haven't before, as you look into endless possibilities in the future. Even something as "mundane" as a law firm!" 


- Kalman Magyar, Managing Partner at Magyar, Bogle & O’Hara LLP

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